Life Really Is Short… So Just Do It

We know this: life really is short. It goes by quickly, one minute you’re young and free, then next you’re looking back on those years with fondness. One day it’s January and you’re still writing 2017, then next day it’s December and you’re preparing for the new year.

We know this. We hear it from our friends, family members, strangers on social media. We know this. Yet until yesterday I never really thought about it.

What changed?

I was involved in a car crash.

I’m okay, the other car involved is okay, our cars took the brunt of the force and came off second best. One second the road was clear, the next second a car was in my lane and we crashed. It was scary, it was terrifying, I’m feeling the price for it today, and the literally price is coming once the insurance comes back to me.

So here’s my takeaway:

  • I’m going to start that business I’ve been mapping out in my notebooks
  • I’m going to end every phone call with I love you
  • I’m going to give everything my all
  • I want more life making moments
  • I want to help and love others

We never know what tomorrow brings.

Podcasts That Have Upped My Hustle Game

If someone asked me what my secret weapon is to mastering life I’d say podcasts. Podcasts are are untapped source of information shared by some of the best in the biz. Tim Ferris, NASA, BBC, and Tony Robbins are some of the few superstar names that publish podcasts for listeners – and it’s all completely free. Below are some of my favourite (and somewhat hidden) gems of the Podcast world that have upped my hustle game.


  1. Babe Chats

Babe Chats is a Podcast run by Brand Babes Studio that is mostly interview based – interviewing some of the best business babes in New Zealand. Babe Chats is mostly blogger and self-branding based, arguably two of the most popular businesses out there right now!


2. Own Your Hustle Podcast

I was first introduced to Ruby Lee through LinkedIn, a mutual connection commented on a post of hers and I’ve been obsessed ever since! Ruby specialises in helping people with their start ups and personal branding. I recently did an August Masterclass of hers and I can attest that her free products are as priceless as her paid for products.

Image result for leaders create leaders gerard adams

3. Leaders Create Leaders

Not quite a podcast, I’m referring to Gerard Adam’s Youtube series Leaders Create Leaders. Gerard (founder of Elite Daily) goes around the US interviewing “conscious creators” and getting into the nitty gritty of who they are and what they’re doing. Season 4 just launched with an episode opener by Jay Shetty – it’s an absolute must watch!

Image result for the madeline nimeh podcast

4. The Social Boss & The Madeline Nimeh Podcast

Both run by the Madeline, both podcasts are highly valuable assets to your hustle game. Bite sized episodes (the longest are her interviews, but most run between 10-15mins) her podcasts is concise and informative – skipping all the fluffy crap and just getting straight to the point. A great podcast if you’ve got limited time or want to get the most out of your time.

All About That Side Hustle

I have a morning work ritual and it is this: check my LinkedIn account.


Because there is nothing more motivating then seeing other people buckle down and hustle hard. Today I was scrolling through my newsfeed and saw an old school friend Sally (who is kicking LinkedIn butt) was tagged in a post about “actually connecting” with people they had met through LinkedIn. This person was Ruby Lee who taught me this morning that I had been doing something all along without knowing it: side hustle.

We know the term hustle. The term is often used to describe people’s motivations as to how they got to where they are: miles above us living the life we’ve dreamed. But the term I hadn’t heard until today was side hustle. And this is much more realistic.

Side hustle is the after work hour emails, blog posts, conferences, website making, content creating. The side hustle is what you’re doing when you’re not at that full time paid gig called work. And it only occurred to me this morning that this was something that I do. Side hustle is the non-glamorous work, late nights, brainstorming, and often working it out alone.

I’ve been side hustling on a gig for the last few months without even realising it. I have created my university’s only student association for nursing students. Prior to this month there was no student support, events, or advocacy for nursing students at my university. It’s not a side hustle gig that pays in dollars, but it is paying in experience, connections, and my own self fulfilment. Which is most definitely priceless.


Throwback to… | Noumea



Thought I’d start a new segment on the blog, heavily inspired by the social media trend of throwbacks and flashbacks where I throw it back and share an experience in my past. Today is going to be a fun throwback since I’m procrastinating on an assignment and wanted something fun to be an inspiration.

December 2015 me and three girlfriends went on a cruise to New Caledonia and Vanuatu. It was the first cruise I had ever been on and it was with P&O Cruises Australia. We started our holiday in Brisbane, going for a few days of shopping and a day at Dreamworld the best amusement park in my opinion.
Here is the photo diary of the first island, Noumea in New Caledonia. There is one moment I remember so clearly from this island and it was that it was so windy that when we went to go paddle boarding, I got pushed by the wind into a reef… About ten seconds after he warned us about the coral and the creatures that live in there and to not fall off.
Revisiting the images from this album really make me want to do another friends trip. Perhaps not exclusively a girls trip, but something our partners can also get involved on. One thing is for certain: I won’t say no to another tropical paradise!

Finance Decisions I’m Glad I Made

Finances will be as hard as you make it, which also means the opposite can be said: finances can be easy. They can be intimidating if you’re unfamiliar with the money and economic world, but the decisions I’ll be sharing today are super easy and can be easily replicated.


  1. High Interest Saving Accounts

Going one step past being glad I saved, I’m glad I saved into a high interest savings account (HISA). This account is for the money you won’t be touching for a year or ever. HISA’s are good because the account will reward you with money for saving and not touching it! I put all my longer term saving goals (e.g. car, house deposit) in a HISA and watch the benefits grow!


  1. Donate

This might sound like an odd one but here’s the financial gist of it: most donations are tax refundable. Meaning at end of financial year you’ll lodge a tax claim saying you donated this much and to who, and the government will give you the money back.

A) You’ll donate to a good charity

B) The government will pay you back for it

C) It’s kind of like tricking the government into donating to a charity that you’ve chosen

D) It’s forced savings and a bonus tax return


  1. Salary Sacrifice + Super

This one is two in one. Why? Because I’m salary sacrificing to contribute to my Super which also pays for my life, disability, and death insurance. Yeah, that’s a mouthful. Salary sacrifice allows you to put a portion of your earnings elsewhere, before the tax man takes his share. Why is that good? Because it decreases your paycheck and your taxable income. Why super? Putting the money into my super was a conscious decision as I decided to take my Insurance out through them, by far the best insurance offer I got quoted on. Why else do it? Because the government will also match your extra super contributions up to an extra amount.

A) You’re insured which is really good

B) Lower tax bracket = less tax

C) Government matches super contributions = more money for retirement

D) Super is super, super important. You’ll want to stop working one day and will need money to survive.

Three super (over that word yet?) simple decisions that don’t take much time to do and can save and earn thousands over your lifetime if not more!

Share your tips in the comments and if you’ve done any of these three!

Money Tips for the Broke Uni Student

Being a university student isn’t cheap, whether you’re full time, part time, with or without work on the side. Despite working full time and studying full time, whenever it comes to spending money for university it kills the pocket. Along the way I’ve learnt a few things, and below are those things.

A list of things money saving tips I wish I knew earlier in my academic career.

1. You don’t need to buy every text book

Your lecturers may say otherwise, but it’s completely true. I bought every required and recommended textbook in fear of missing out on something vital, and barely touched them half the time.

Most readings can be found and accessed online from your lecturers. One of my lecturers this semester is uploading the required textbook online for free saving me $96 so I don’t have to buy the textbook!

If you’re truely worried most units will have a facebool group. Join and ask previous students if they used their textbooks enough to warrant buying them.

2. Buy secondhand

While you’re browsing that Facebook group, ask if they’re willing to sell theirs secondhand. Many university students who are just as strapped for cash as you are will be willing to sell them to you for a cheaper price.

My absolute sure fire way of buying and selling textbooks?

I’ve sold countless textbooks on here all over Australia! It’s set up so you know the exact edition of the textbook and even the university and units those textbooks are for!

3. Myunidays

By far my favourite thing about being a student is the discounts. And this website is the holy grail of discounts. Sign up, verify your student identity, and you have unlimited accsss to discounts for anything and everything. From asos, to apple, to travel, gym memberships, every laptop brand you can think of, and more! Standard discount is 10% (better than nothing), but sometime you’ll strike out with $800 at Microsoft and 50% misguided!

4. Student ID

Keep this baby on you. Why? Because it’s your magic discount card. Discounts don’t happen just online, you can get them in person too!

5. Entertainment Books

Thjs is something I’ve recently discovered, but google “entertainment book [insert city]” and you’re on an instant saver that allows you hundreds and hundreds of savings for eating out, fun activities, and more all catered to your city! You do have to pay an upfront fee of $50 and it lasts one financial year so buy within the first month of it coming out to get the most out of it. And if $50 is a stretch, consider going halves in it with your friend so most of them are discounts on a second meal and you can split the costs!

Sydney | Feb ’18

This was my second time in Sydney and I absolutely enjoyed my time here!

Food Highlights: By far the only thing I can’t stop thinking about is BRAZA in Darling Harbour. At $60 per person it was on the more expensive side, but the food and concept was amazing! Food was brought around on skewers, it was an all you can eat and order style, and 100% the place I would recommend if you were looking for somewhere cool to eat.

Where We Stayed: We stayed at the Sydney Harbourside Apartments in McMahons Point and it was a wonderful stay. We got a free upgrade to a harbour side view which was amazing to wake up to and see both the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. Less than a minutes walk from the apartment building is access to the ferry, which is pretty much how we got around Sydney the entire time.

Transport: Each and every time we used the ferry system. We used it to get to Circular Quay, Taronga Zoo, and even Sydney Olympic Park!

What We Did: I honestly feel like I somewhat aced the Sydney part of the trip. I had planned a days trip to the Royal National Park, an hours drive from Sydney. The track we wanted to do was closed due to bush fires, but we actually managed to stumble upon the track for the Figure 8 Pools by complete accident! We didn’t make it to see them due to high tide, but we did manage to get the Burning Palms Beach which was just as beautiful.

A second highlight of the trip would have to be Taronga Zoo. I’m not the biggest fan of zoos, but their dedication to conservation and saving wildlife made me feel comfortable to visiting. We saw gorillas, elephants, giraffes… And we hand fed fairy penguins.

It was $50 per person, but my gosh was it the best thing either me or my boyfriend have done. We loved it. It was a half hour experience of them climbing on you, sneezing on you, eating your toes before they realised you actually did have fish in your hands, and downright adorableness. I would absolutely recommend this experience if you get the chance. Be quick though, because there’s only 4 stops and only one time slot.

The finale of our trip (the whole reason for our trip) came on Friday night and that was… Paramore. I have no words other than: holy hell that was worth it.